Hi everyone. We’re ending year two at HGP with a killer December and are very grateful to our buyers, sellers and our Global Partners. It’s been but just two short years since Kirk and I received our “You’re no longer necessary” notice. We were more than surprised, and actually shocked. Together we decided to follow our family legacy of standing up to adversity. When your Grandpa was an ex-Boxer, and Your Dad an ex-Marine, you come out with the gloves on. Well, it was a fair fight. Our little family against “them.” My brother boldly warned day one that “Our Thunder is Coming.” How right he was. HGP is now at the top of our industry, and someone else lies on the canvas puffing. Fair warning if you get up, four Doves have their gloves on, and are in the center of the ring, waiting. We love this business, and can’t wait to win the next fifty deals. We have a great upcoming calendar, which will be posted soon. Hope to see everyone on the web or at the auction sales. Our thunder is here. Yep. All the best. RD.