Hi. All. Wow, I’m at the biggest conference around on small micro-cap stocks just like ours. I am for sure, the oldest guy at the Luxe Hotel in hip LA, presenting tomorrow. I also get to be the oldest guy with a micro-cap stock, after a clearly macro cap career, at 61. An outdoor cocktail party full of young great looking positive people with the newest of new ideas and companies along with old Ross Dove, being new in his 40th year in the same gig. How do I possibly convey that we’re new again? No forward statements allowed. To my advantage, I can crush them on looking backwards, but yesterday isn’t the LDR conference. It’s all about who sees tomorrow. For a lifetime, my competitors have said, “Ross sees what’s next first”. I always have to say, “almost first”, we’re still calling bids and eBay is worth fifty billion. What did I see first? Seeing isn’t doing. But I can’t keep a secret. I got a really cool new idea. Should I tell them? Should I tell you guys? Nope. This time I am going to do what the winners here do. Execute first. Brag later. Here is the clue. What is an auction all about? Is there anything left auctioneers don’t sell? Check out our calendar. Enterprise sales, patents, and assets in every industry. What is left and what is this old guy at this conference up to? It’s worth watching. Cheers. RD