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Please Note:
Removal will begin the week of 9/21/15 to accommodate final chemical decommissioning by the seller.

Key Assets

Global Online Auction: Surplus Equipment To Continuing Operations To Quest Diagnostics–A Global Leader In Clinical Lab Services. Cambridge, MA.


1              (2006) Caterpillar Genset, 700kW with 209 hours and sound enclosure

1              Roche Cobas Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer

1              Thermo Legend T+ Centrifuge with rotor and 4 buckets

1              Beckman Coulter LH 750 Blood Hematology Analyzer

1              Bayer Hematek Slide Stainer Model 4488C

1              Thermo Fisher Heratherm Incubators

1              Thermo Fisher Jouan C31

1              Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros ECIQ System

2              Olympus AU5400 Automated Chemistry Immune Systems

1              Pharmacia Diagnostics AB Unicap 1000v.2

2              Siemens BNII Behring Nephelometer II

2              Bio-Tek ELx50 Microplate Auto Strip Washer

2              Bio-Tek ELx800 Microplate Auto Strip Washer

1              Olympus AU400 Chemistry Immuno Analyzer with PC and all manuals

1              Jouan Model C312 Centrifuge

2              Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 600 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers with PC’s and manuals

2              (2007) Baker Company ChemGARD Model FH6 (with flam cab base units)

1              Jouan Model C422 Centrifuge

1              Digene rapid culture system with Digene DML 3000 Desktop Luminometer Microplate Illuminator

1              Digene hybrid capture system

5              Alpha Technics Model 3000i (almost new)

1              Thermo Fisher Model U86-21A44 Isotemp Basic

6              Jordon Double Glass Door Refrigerator

1              Revco Legaci Ultima II Model ULT2186-9-D34 with Chart Recorder

3              Hettich Mikro 22 R Centrifuges

1              Thermo Fisher Reach in CO2 Model 3950 Incubator

1              Trek Diagnostics Versa Trek Series 240

3              Microm Model 315, 325, 355 Microtomes

1              Leica RM 2155

1              Ventana Nexus special stainer

2              Roche  MagNA Pure LC JE379

1              PGM Personal Genome Machine Ion Torrent

1              Life Technologies Ion Torrent Ion One Touch 2

1              Beckman Coulter Microfuge 18 Centrifuge

3              Olympus BX40CY

1              CBG Solvent Recycler

1              Hettich Rotina 46S

2              Quest Diagnostics Horizon Model 642 Centrifuges

1              Siemens Versant 440 Molecular System

2              Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros Model 5600 Integrated Systems

1              Miles Scientific Tissue Tek Cryo Console

1              Siemens Microscan Walkaway blood culture analyzer

1              Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Provue

2              Milestone RHS-1 microwave Tissue Processor

1              Bayer Advia 120 hematology analyzer

1              Thermo Fisher Cytospin 4 Centrifuge

1              Fisher Scientific Horizon Elite

1              Tissue Tek DRS Slide Stainer

1              Shandon Hyperclean fume hood

1              VWR CO2 Incubator

1              MJ Research PTC 100 Peltier Thermal Cycler

1              Nissan 50 Forklift

1              Thermo Shandon Veristain Gemini

1              Milestone RHS-1 microwave Tissue Processor

1              Milestone Pathos automated rapid microwave histoprocessor