I hope you will all like our website as much as we do. I keep looking at the staging site every few minutes to check and see if it’s for real. All of your compliments, gestures and encouragement have really made us feel great so far.

We’re just now responding to all the job applicants and are out building our first real Heritage Global Partners auction calendar. I love it here, and we are truly off to the races. There is no better feeling than finding your second wind and feeling like that nervous, excited kid starting his career dead set on building the best company. To get to do it again is such a privilege. What’s so different here at HGP is that we’re not rookies anymore, trying to make the team. We’re old veterans moving into coaching roles. The young aggressive bright staff we’re growing is full of energy and ideas.

We’re talking to our sons about joining for the fourth generation. Its just day ten, but I feel like we have arrived in the future. The sun is bright at Hacienda Del Mar. Come to the races with us. Yes, we’re on track.