It’s been exactly one month since we left the Mothership.  It feels like one very long day so far, trying to get everything done all at once.  You never really rest while you’re doing it; the wheels are always spinning, thinking you know you missed something, left something out.

So, what have we accomplished so far?  Well, we settled on a new name: Heritage Global Partners.  We just like the sound of it. The Heritage part reminds us of our father and grandpa, and that is always nice. I hope they like the sound of it because we no longer have our name on the company letterhead.  It seems we had that part “marked” somewhere along the way, a few years back.  It seems we are not allowed to take it with us.  Whatever. We’re happy, and we’re moving forward and hopefully building more Heritage for our grandchildren.

We have an office, or should I say, a World Headquarters.  The Hacienda Del Mar.  Man oh Man, is it nice.  What a joy to go to work each day—utterly serene and peaceful, a perfect counter balance to the shark infested waters of the profession!  The competition can eat its collective hearts out on this one, I can assure you.

We are finishing the final touches on our website.  It is like giving birth, with the exception of the water breaking, I guess.  A labor of love…no it’s actually more like blood, sweat and tears.  It’s still a work in progress, but we can definitely see the finish line.  One or two more hard weeks and we will launch this thing.  No looking back now.

Oh yes, we hired our very first employee!  That’s right, numero uno.  An old college roommate I might add.  Just the right guy—we have lots of dirt, and so does he!  Just kidding. He’s the right guy for all the right reasons: intelligent, witty, hard working, loyal, and the best one of them all—belief.  He believes it’s the right time, he believes it’s the right move for him and his family, and he believes in us. Now that’s a great first hire.

Kirk Dove