July 23, 2011

Hi all. HGP just had it’s best week ever, but it wasn’t pretty and pooped me out. We had a record ten auctions on our plate: Metal, Wood, Food, Plastic, Solar, and Pharma. We have world class global partners and I roared in Monday pumped and cocky. And yes, by Tuesday morning we were on fire. Three for three. I told everyone we’re the best, and it’s our time. No one can beat our system and global team.

Then it happened. “Sorry, Mr. Dove, we thank you but were going with another firm.” Yikes. Not once. Not twice. Four times in as many days. I didn’t know whether to go to the gym, the bar, or the anxiety clinic. Decided on the first two. Then Friday rolls around and we land three more. I am so happy and proud of our team. We batted six hundred this week. This week we’re Hank Aaron and feel like we took steroids. Best to all. Rd