June 14, 2011

You have got to love how competitive our business is. I just got off the phone with a plant manager in the Midwest closing an aluminum plant. He said “Ross we already have had calls from over a dozen auction firms making offers to sell at auction or purchase our assets. What can you do they can’t?” I thought about how hard it is to win these deals and offered an honest answer. I told the plant manager there is a chance I can make a mistake and dramatically over pay and can furnish references to attest to it. He laughed and told me he had not heard that one yet. “Ok come on out and show me what you got” he told me. I have been working hard to get everyone at HGP to focus on selling a compelling value proposition that defines us. Hopefully they don’t read my blogs. In the meantime, my flight is booked and I am ready for the chase – after all, it still feels great to hear them say “we are going with HGP.” I just have to make sure it’s for the right reasons. Cheers to all. Rd