Oh, Billy, Billy!! Billy Baroo Is On The Auction Block

By May 27, 2011News

Enterprise sale of Ray Cook Golf, credited with more than 200 tour wins, will include the Billy Baroo putter line, made famous in the classic cult golf movie “Caddyshack”

May 26, 2011 – San Diego, CA – “Spaulding, this calls for the ol’ Billy Baroo”, Ted Knight’s Caddyshack character Judge Elihu Smails declares as his caddie purposefully pulls out the crushed purple velvet bag protecting the mythical golf club. “Oooh, Billy, Billy, Billy” the judge purrs as he caresses his now legendary Billy Baroo putter.
The Billy Baroo name, included with all of the intellectual property of Ray Cook Golf, is now up for sale. In fact, the entire Ray Cook Golf Enterprise, including the complete Ray Cook product line that features designs developed by Don T. “Scotty” Cameron, will be auctioned off on June 8.

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