March 1, 2011

Déjà vu. We just finished a fun run of live auctions. We capped it off with the Orlando Magic Amway stadium. It was really an event. Former Magic star Nick Anderson showed up to help kick off the auction and autograph the first few lots. If anybody thinks he is an old veteran they should have seen our team. The four of us running the show collectively have a hundred years and five thousand auctions in our rear view mirror. It’s now a quarter century of my brother Kirk instructing me on how to auction. Over twenty years of he and Bruce Costello laughing at the same three jokes and proudly complimenting each other. Over twenty years of Steve Gross counting the beans. The sale went flawless with such old veterans but at fifty eight it’s amazing my dad and grandpa were calling bids in their eighties. After ten hours standing up in the cold arena I was thrilled to call it a day. But now I miss the action so off the book the next one. Cheers to all. Rd