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March 11, 2011

We must be doing something right. Here is a cool road story. My back is out and I am walking sideways, cranky of the pain and constant airports.  I go into the airline business center thinking I will check out our website, because Kirk is really jazzing it up.  How weird is this ? I walk in, and there is one other guy ,and on his screen is not google or yahoo, but Heritage Global. I am thrilled- so I ask him what he is looking for, thinking he is a buyer or even better a seller.  He says he is in the “moving and storage business lining up prospects to cold call.” To all of you in the IAA and to all our partners,  he now has your name. I won’t tell you his because I get a fee now when he signs you up! How cool was that? When I got up, my back felt perfect   Cheers.  Ross