Hi Everyone.

I just got back from another auctioneers bidding war.  I won’t tell you the contract we went after to protect both the innocent and the guilty . We had a world class team. We worked with relentless effort with our partners to be agressive as possible in our pursuit. We were certain we had done everything needed to win and we were the best assembled team.

The night before the auction to pick the auctioneer we had at toast where in my optimistic arrogance I basically declared victory.

And then we lost.

Somehow, someway I was sad for ten full seconds. And then I smiled, looked at my partners, and heard my grandpa (our founder, and the biggest risk taker of all) look down from the sky and smile.  “Kid,   you will have to learn not only how to win and how to lose, but something more.  There are sometimes when losing IS winning. Someday you will understand that.”

Hey Pops, I get it.