Hi All.

I was on a sales call today.  It wasn’t  that different than the last five thousand I’ve been on over 30+ years. The client said he is talking to several firms and knows he needs an auctioneer. He said, “you guys all sound pretty much the same so I guess I just go with either the biggest guarantee or the lowest fee.”

I was quiet for a minute trying to find a self serving answer why it should be HGP. However, in my heart I agreed with him that my competitors are mostly really good guys and going with the safety of a big guarantee or a low fee is logical.  After a minute I said we won’t be the lowest fee or the highest guarantee and the others guys will do a great job.

He said, “Is that your best?”

I said,  “No. My best is I will care about the outcome and do my honorable best to make you proud you chose us.”

Yikes! He did. And now we owe him all our heart and soul to deliver. Nobody is that much better than the competition but once you get selected there is no greater honor than performing and being grateful to get the chance to shine. Can we do it better ?  Can we get him more money ?   Man we are gonna try with all we got. That much we owe him.

I give u my word if you pick us you get our absolute very best.

Best to all,