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Hi All.  Have a Great Holiday Season.

It’s likely that this is my (almost final) blog this year. I thought you would enjoy a bit of bar chat when the top fifty of us auction guys got together for our Industrial Auctioneers Association conference (IAA) in November.

I was having a beer at the bar and was invited to join a larger group talking about the state of our industry. The topic was fun.  As far as we have come it’s still very generational.  Lots of dads and sons in the group at legacy family businesses around, several with growth capital.  We asked the youngest person how he felt?  Great answer.  He said, “Our world has changed with information on both asset values and possible deals available now in the cloud”. The oldest guy had the greatest answer.  “Kid, it has always been both crowded and clouded.”  Here is what I told my own recent college graduate, “If you want to travel for the next four decades, and always worry about the next job, and spend your life figuring out how to sell assets after someone either moved on or failed, it’s a terrific business”. The young guy laughed and said, “That’s so funny. My Dad said, If you want to be in an exciting business converting assets globally that impact multinational economies come join me.”

The bottom line is, it is what you make it.

HGP is an optimist with young guys who believe. I believe in them.

Happy Holidays