Hi Everyone.

Tomorrow is once again opening day at the HGP Track.  Here we go, again off to the races.   My first year with my Partner, Kirk, was 1985.   Before that, it was Me with Dad and Grandpa.  Before Kirk, we started every year deciding what we could take from the warehouse to the dumps and what we could take to the scrapyard.  Usually, the dumps came out a clear winner.  After Kirk, we moved to Class A Office Space and decided what ideas from the last year we should take to the dumps.

I love the idea of a clean slate with new goals, hopes, and aspirations.  Everyone returns fresh, and enthusiastic about making it a better year.   The gym is full this week.  Everyone shows up bright and early with new resolve.  The same for decades.  The new old thing. We talk about bromides like working smarter not harder.   About being better organized and more efficient.  We review last year’s agony and ecstasy and commit together to being better and smarter.  We have our new agenda and kick off meeting.  Then before you know it, we’re off to the races doing what we do.  Lots of the same tried and true chasing deals and serving clients with a few new ideas rising with the tides of the times.  Every once in a while we see something really good.  Something like, “let’s call solar plants”.  They need us.  How come all these older coal plants have to close ?  All these new mergers are in the same industry, etc.

Hopefully, the ideas compete and were smart enough to see the winners.  In the best of year we saw changes first and were proactive embracing technology and market trends as innovators.  In lazy years we were imitators trying to catch innovators.  It’s 2014 and first mover advantages start now.  If you’re a buyer of capital assets please keep an eye on HGP, because I think this year we can deliver both the new old things and the new new things.  We haven’t done it every year since 1985, but we have no garbage to haul away and a warehouse of fresh young people and great new ideas and plans.  We’re at the starting gate again.

See you at the races this new season.

Cheers. RD.