Key Assets

Global Sealed-Bid Auction of QC Games Intellectual Property

Great Opportunity to Acquire Well-Known “Breach” Action Role-Playing Game, Technology, Trademarks and Service Layer

Deadline for Bid Submission:  August 14, 2019


Lot #1:   Breach Game Perpetual PC License

  • Includes all code, data and assets for the game, the engine, the tools and the service (C++, Orleans and C#)
  • Can only be exploited on the PC platform, as the Console rights belong to En Masse entertainment
  • Unreal license transfer or replacement needs to be negotiated with Epic Games
  • Includes “Breach” Trademark and “QC Games” Trademark


Lot #2:   Action RPG Code Perpetual License

  • Includes code only for the game (modifications to the Unreal engine: C++) but will also include both the game assets/data and code for the service, as examples for prototyping
  • With assets and service code replaced, can be exploited on any platform, with a valid Unreal license
  • Can be exploited on multiple products with appropriate Unreal licensing


Lot #3:   Service Code Perpetual License

  • Includes only the code for the proprietary service technology, including deployment tools and live service (Orleans and C#)
  • Can be exploited on multiple products without additional licensing
  • Can be used to run game services on any platform


Lot #4:   Aggregate Bid for All of the Above

  • Bid for all the assets of Lots # 1, 2, and 3 above.  If the high bid for this lot is higher than the cumulative individual bids received on the above three lots, then the high bid for this lot will prevail over the individual bid prices