Key Assets

Global Webcast Auction of Surplus Assets to the Continued Operation of ThyssenKrupp Access, a World Class Elevator Manufacturer.

Wood Cab Fabrication Shop
– Invicta Model TI-14ef Wood Shaper (New 2007), Equipped with Northfield Model NT-480SF-3 Feeder (New 2008)
– Invicta Model TI-14ef Wood Shaper (New 2008), Equipped with Powermatic Model PF-31 Feeder (New 2007)
– Delta Model DJ-20 Wood Jointer (New 1998)
– Jet JTAS-10XL-1 10” Tilting arbor table saw (New 2003), Equipped with Biesemeyer 5’ Fence
– Saw Stop Model ICS53230 10” Tilting Arbor Industrial Cabinet Saw
– Hoizher Model 1265 Supercut Verticle Panel Saw (New 2000)
– Holzher Kundig Prima Horizontal Belt Sander (New 2004), Equipped with Doucet Model BTWB 3-60 Power Roll Return Conveyor System (New 2008)
– Cosmec Conquest 510 5’ x 10’Bridge Type CNC Router (New 2003), Equipped with PC Control, 8-position ATC
– Wilton 6” Belt 8” Disc Grinder
– Ritter Model R300 12’ x 6’ Pneumatic Clamp Framing Table (New 2001), 3653 (New 2008)

Metal Fabrication
– Cincinnati Model CL-6 5’ x 10’ 2000 Watt CNC Laser Cutting Machine (New 1999), Equipped with GE Fanuc 160i-L Control, (2) Shuttle Table, GE Fanuc Model C200C Power Supply, Koolant Kooler Model HCV-7500-PR-NF-FILT Water Cillers
– Trumpf Trumatic Model L3030 5’ x 10’ 4000 Watt CNC Laser Cutting Machine (New 2004), Equipped with Trumpf Touchscreen Control, Model TLF 4000 Power Supply Resonator, (2) Shuttle Table, Seidel Model L 16/29 TR3 EST/22.00 Water Chiller (New 2004)
– Brother Model TC-32B QT 3-Axis CNC Tapping Center (New 2006), Equipped with with  Touchscreen Control, Coolant System, Conveyor.
– Vectrax Model GS30NF 3-Axis CNC Tapping Center (New 2002), Equipped with Fanuc Series O-M Control Cabinet, 13”x46” Work Table Tool Tray Extension.
– Vectrax Model GS-N16V 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine (New 2001), Equipped with MSC M-15 Pendant Control.
– Hyundai Hit5S 2-Axis CNC Turning Center (New 1996), Equipped with Hitrol 840C Control, 8” Chuck, TailStock, 9-Position Tool Turret, Coolant, Chip Conveyor
– Monarch 14” x 78” cc Quick Change Geared Head Engine Lathe
– Trumpf TrumaBend V130 143-ton x 10’ Hydraulic Press Brake (New 2000), Equipped with Trumpf Pendant Control, 8.46” Stoke
– Vectrax ModelGS16V 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine (New 2005), Equipped with MSC M-15 Control
– Timesavers Model 352-1M 52” W Wood Belt Sander, Equipped with Dust Collector.
– Strippit Model 1250 H/30 MH Fabri-Center 30-Ton CNC Turret Punch, Equipped with GE Fanuc Series O-P Cabinet Control
– Betenbender 10’ x 25-ton Hydraulic Shear, Equipped with 8’ Squaring Arm
– Summit 10’ Hydraulic Shear, Equipped with 4’ and 3’ Squaring Arm.
– Kaeser Model BSD50 60-Hp Air Cooled Rotary Screw Air Compressor
– Kaeser Model KRD250 250 scfm Refrigerated Air Dryer, Equipped with Receiving Tank.


– Miller Model CP-302 Amp Mig Welder, Equipped with Bernard Boom
– Miller Model XMT 304 300 Amp DC Inverter Mig Welder, Equipped with 60 Series Wire Feeder
– Lincoln Model Powerwave 455 450 Amp Mig Welder, Equipped with Wire Feeder
– Hypertherm Powermax 1650 Plasma Cutter
– Miller CP-200 Amp Mig Welder, Equipped with 60 Series Wire Feeder.
– Bridgeport Series I 2-Hp Veritcal Milling Machine
– Miller Deltaweld 302 300 Amp Mig Welder (New 2008), Equipped with Wire Feeder
– Miller Deltatab 375 Amp Mig Welder (New 2011), Equipped with Wire Feeder

– Timesaver Model 1211-12-0 24” W Wood Belt Sander (New 2004)
– Jet Model JTAS-10XL-1 10” Tilting Arbor Table Saw, Equipped with XactaFence II 7’ W Fenc
– Intelligent System CNC Rotary Spindle Gantry Type Benchtop Engraving/Marking Machine

Shipping & Receiving/ Maintenance Equipment
– 5,000 LB Platform Scale, Equipped with Wall Mount Digital Scale.
– Electric Platform Scissor Lift
– Loadlifter 5-Ton x 20’ Span Double Girder Top Riding Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane, Equipped with Shaw-Box 5-Ton Underslung Cable Hoist, Pendant Control
– Hardinge DV-59 High Speed Polishing Lathe
– Vertrax Model GS20F Vertical Milling Machine (New 2002), Equipped with Power Feed Table, Digital Readout
– Enerpac 50-Tn H0Frame Hydraulic Shop Press
Fabrication Shop
– Haberle Model H-350 Miter Cut Cold Saw (New 2006) 20104BJ (new 2001), Equipped with Pneumatic Clamp
– Haberle Model H450 Miter Cut Cold Saw (New 2002)
– Haberle Model AL3807B Miter Cut Cold Saw (New 2006), Equipped with Delta Dust Collector
– Delta Model JSG-6 6” Belt 12? Disc Grinder
– Haas Model GR-510 3-Axis CNC Gantry Router (New 2003), Equipped with Haas Pendant Control
– Vectrax GSN16V 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine (New 2001), Equipped with MSC M-15 Control
– Miller Model CP-302 300 Amp Mig Welder, Equipped with Wire Feeder
– Miller Deltaweld 302 300 Amp Mig Welder (New 2007)
– Thermal Dynamics PakMaster XL Plus 75 Amp Plasma Cutter
– Pandjiris Model 15-4-FB Posit Welding Positioner