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Malibu thin-film production site located in Bielefelder Str. 1, 39171 Osterweddingen, Germany

Key Assets

Third in a Series of Sales: By order of Schüco TF Gmbh & Co. KG and Malibu GmbH & Co. KG we offer for sale ex site:
Due to discontinuation of All Thin Film Photovoltaic Production Activities
Solar Thin Film Panel Production Equipment Online Auction


Please Click HERE for a detailed brochure highlighting the complete line for sale


Background Information:
• Company activities include production of thin-film photovoltaic modules
• Technology is based on thin-film silicon tandem junction
• Modules are based on a frameless glass-glass laminate with an efficiency of up to 10%
• Possibility to produce different module sizes to address various market segments
Thin-Film Production Site (SCHÜCO TF GmbH & Co. KG in Großröhrsdorf, Germany)
– o 60 MW AMAT Sun Fab turnkey solar module production facility
– o Possible module sizes:
– 2.600 x 2.200 mm (Full Size)
– 2.600 x 1.100 mm (Half Size)
– 1.300 x 1.100 mm (Quarter Size)


Buyer has the option to also acquire the current production building and premises.
Furthermore, Building can be used as an extension for research & development, warehouse or otherwise as intended by buyer.

Manufacturing line includes the following:

  • Front-end (incl. TCO glass loading by KUKA robots, autoseamer and washer by BENTELER)
  • Deposition (incl. AKT-60 KO TFS PECVD tools by AMAT, ATON PVD sputter by AMAT)
  • Laser scribing (P1, P2, P3 by MANZ)
  • Back-end (incl. laser edge delete by MANZ, seamer by BENTELER, autoclave by SCHOLZ, solar simulator by BERGER LICHTTECHNIK / ATS)

In case of interest in single tools and machines, please send us an Email to  

Please note: The above equipment is sold ex 2 locations in Germany:

  • Malibu thin-film production site located in Bielefelder Str. 1, 39171 Osterweddingen, Germany
  • Schüco TF thin-film production site located in Schücostr. 8, 01900 Großröhrsdorf, Germany