Key Assets

General Plasma Back Contact Sputtering System, Uses Moly and Aluminum Target Sources. Includes Spare Target. Mfg. 2011.


Jenoptik  Votan Solas Multi Automated P1 – P4 Laser Ablation, Scribe, and Edge Machine with auto load/ unload. Class 4 laser.


nTact CdTe Slot Coater, Die Coater, Cad Chloride, Sub Micron 0.5 with Standridge 3 1917-01 Gannet Surface Base in Custom Enclosure.


GP Group GRC-850 Photo resist Roller Coater. 40 1/2″ Belt, 480volts, Stainless Steel Body; Includes Portable Dark Room Enclosure.


BTU International TFF 361-10-360N78GT Coating Furnace, CdTe activation furnace, Atmosphere Non Explosive, Temp 600ºC – 700ºC, 7 zones, 480V, 130a, 3phase, 115kVA, 5060hz.


Copper Doping System, stainless steel chamber, fine spray dispenser, SCCR:15kW, Voltage Rating 3 X 277 / 480v, 5060hz, Full Load Current 18a.