Key Assets

Second In A Series of Sales of Excess Equipment No Longer Needed By A Major German Power Manufacturer:

  • Various Electric Motors from AEG and other manufacturers with a power up to 500 KW
  • Small parts racking system, make KIND
  • Siemens S7 plc modules and contactor modules
  • Electrical Consumables
  • Bolts & Nuts
  • Bleed-off valves and Gates for power plant cooling system
  • Semifinished stainless steel products
  • Universal Milling machines and lathes from maintenance shop
  • 3150 KVA Transformer
  • Special Power Plant Spare Parts
  • Substantial Value in Scrap


**Please Note**

The assets have never been in contact with radiation, nor are they contaminated in anyway.

Furthermore,  winning bidders will have loading handled free of charge