Key Assets


HAAS MDL: GR-512 GANTRY ROUTER SYSTEM: X-Travels: 145″, Y-Travels: 61″, Z-Travels: 11″, Between Columns: 62″, Table Dimensions (L x W): 144″x 53″, Tool Changer: Capacity 10, Type CT 40 , Max Tool Diameter: 3.5″, Max Tool Weight: 12 lb; 15-hp Vector Drive • 10,000-rpm Spindle • Standard 40-Taper Tooling • Rapids up to 2,100 IPM • 10-Pocket Automatic Tool Changer • 15″ Color LCD Monitor w/USB Port • Brushless Servos on All Axes • User-Friendly Haas Control • ISO Standard G-Code Programming. Click Here For More Information, Located In Missoula, MT

WQ ANNEALING OVEN: Efficient Multilayered Insulation: The Furnace Is Insulated W/ 1-1/2″ Of Low K Factor Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board As The Primary Insulation. This Is Backed Up By 2″ Of 2300of Ceramic Fiber Blanket & 1″ Of Very Low K Factor Mineral Wool Board • Counter Balanced Bell Lift Construction: The Furnace Is A Rectangular Bell That Lifts Vertically From The Rigid Base. The Bell Is Supported By Two Heavy Channels From The Back, Leaving The Entire Hearth Area Exposed Without Obstruction For Easy Loading • Ceramic Fiber Hearth: The Hearth Is Layered W/ Four 1 Inch Layers Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket. The Fiber Blanket Layers Are Easily & Economically Replaced If Damaged. • UDC 3300 Program Control System: The Standard Control Is A Honeywell UDC 3300 Program Control W/ 6 Ramps & 6 Soaks. • Type R Platinum Thermocouple: A Type R Platinum Thermocouple Is Encased In An Alumina Sheath & Mounted From Underneath. This Thermocouple, Rated For 3000°f (1650°c), Will Last Practically Forever At The Temperatures In This Furnace. • Zero Fired SCR Power Control: The Power Control Is A Zero Fired SCR Power Control Which Provides Very Even Power To The Elements. • Easy To View Control Panel: All Contactors & Controls Are Located In A NEMA 1 Panel Mounted Under The Furnace To Save Floor Space. Click Here For More Information, Located In Missoula, MT

ARTIMECC MDL: IB 105-R ROD CROPPING SAW: Max Rod Length: 3000 MM • Cropping Blade Cooling W/ Running Water • Blade Cutting Speed: From 5.5 To 60.0 MM/Minute • Blade Carriage W/ Horizontal Movement • Cropping Carried Out By Means Of A Diamond Blade W/ A Diameter Of 590 MM & Thickness Of 2.5-3.1 MM • Electrowelded Steel Basement Installed On Rubber-Coated Feet • Rod Clamping Provided On Rotating Chuck At 2 Support Points W/ Manual Closure • Optional Rod Clamping Provided At 2 Fixed Support Points W/ 4 Housing Seats & Manual Closure • Cutting Blade Sliding Carriage On Recirculating-Ball Guides • Head Unit Moving Cart On Recirculating-Ball Guides • Water Discharge In A Single Point • Automatic (Programmed) Execution Of The End-Facing • Power Supply Unit • Touch Screen Control Display Installed On The Machine • Protective Guards W/ Safety Micro switches. Click Here For More Information, Located In Merrimack, NH