Key Assets

Global Online Offering of PVCH, LLC. A Solar Energy Technology Company Focused on high efficiency solar cell materials and process technologies. Located in Newark, DE.

PVCH, LLC will be offered in Bulk and Piecemeal Lots.

 Lot 1: A bulk Offering of the Business.

PVC, LLC developed and produced Conductive Pastes and Inks.

This sale will also contain raw materials, including: Spherical Aluminum paste, glass frit, reagents, etc.


Solar Cell Print Line Equipment

  • ASYS/EKRA X1 SL Cell Screen Printer
  • TP Solar Dryer-RTP Furnace D-225 & M225-L
  • TP Solar VOC Condenser
  • ECD Mole Data Logging System

Characterization & Analysis Equipment

  • Sentech Ellipsometer
  • SunLab CoreScanner
  • SunLab B2B Conductivity Tool

Additional Equipment

  • Ross Mixing CDA-200 Dual Shaft Mixer
  • Ross Mixing DS-200 Discharge System
  • Ross Mixing HSD-30 High Speed Desperser
  • Ross Mixing Three Roll Mill
  • Ros Mixing 200 Gallon Jacketed Mix Tank (2)
  • Tri-Mer 18H Scrubber
  • Tri-Mer Electrical Panel
  • Koolant Kooler SV5000 Chiller

And Much More!

Please Contact Craig Thompson for Additional Details, Including access to the Data Room