Nick Dove





There will be a live public preview March 5th from 10am-4pm. Contact Nick Dove at 858-847-059 with any questions.


Sealed Bid Form

Colorodo Resale Certificate

Key Assets

  • Steag DVDR Production Line
  • Detection DVD-R Auto Pre-writer
  • Sumitomo Injection Molding Machines
  • Axxicon SF 22mm CD-R Molds
  • Wexit Stamper backsander
  • Weiss Temp/Humidty Control Unit
  • Kawata PC Dryer
  • Starett AA grade granite surface plate
  • PC Hopper-3200kg
  • PC Hopper-1000kg
  • Dayton 25 Ton hydraulic bench press
  • Digital Matrix Stamper Cleaner
  • Digital Matrix Spinner
  • Origin hard coater
  • Piovan PC Dryer
  • 150 count spindles, ss shaft/alum base
  • 4 shelf steel racks