Key Assets

Global Online Auction Of Extremely Late Model, State of the Art, Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment Formerly of Arena Pharmaceuticals. Assets Soon to be Located In Burlingame, CA.


  • Capsugel CFS 1500C (For Liquid Filled Capsules)
  • Capsugel Xcelodose 600
  • Freund-Vector LDCS HI-COATER
    • 1.5L Pan + Inlet/Exhaust
    • 8L Pan + Inlet/Exhaust
  • Patteron Kelley MVP5 Blender
    • 4qt Shell
    • 8qt Shell
    • 16qt Shell
  • SADE SP-40 Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorter
  • Quadro Comil U10
    • Round Impeller
    • R032 Screen
    • R039 Screen
    • R045 Screen
  • Kirby Lester KL50iC Tablet Counter
  • Sotax Hardness Tester MT-50
  • Sotax Friability Tester FT-2
  • Labconco Filtered Balance
  • Mettler Toledo Balance

All Assets Available For Immediate Purchase Prior To Auction….

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