There is now a new culture change: Elevator etiquette. Masked or unmasked, you must “ride the wall.” Standing in any position without your rear end pushing the wall is a huge faux pas today. I am in Las Vegas (the elevator capital of the West) on the 62 floor. As the elevator gains traffic the walls are prime real estate and those who enter with no wall space face suspicious stares. Recently I rode and was unable to find a wall and was forced to stand in the middle. I felt an unwavering need to be entertaining as the “watched rider.” It was a bad play. Word to the wise: if you are forced into elevator and sentenced to the middle then just stay silent…keep your head down and expect to be a target. It’s very similar to being a NASDAQ EO when your stock is not rising and investors give you the same look. There’s nowhere to hide and no button you can push through the crowd to exit early. The good news is you can just ride it like an optimist to the roof top bar where all bragging rights are anyways. If you want a better elevator pitch just email me your looking for an auctioneer.

Heritage is on the elevator and heading to the top floor!