About six years ago when I was appointed CEO of our public parent company I stopped my blogging efforts. I felt unsure it conveyed how important, serious and public facing CEO-like I was supposed to be (and didn’t know how to be). I now fully know I am not as important as I thought and that I failed at being able to pull off a serious demeanor. It is exactly the same as what happened when my hair fell out. For an agonizing hour I tried every possible manipulation comb over left to right, front to back and said to myself, “you look like a clown!” I quickly gave in and attacked the few hairs remaining with relentless shaving. Now I have decided what you see is what you get, so boldly (and baldly). At least the blog can grow to new heights once again.

An old auctioneer woke up today crying for an audience. Here is one forward looking statement from a public CEO: whoever happens upon reading this will know how I am truly feeling, which will be insight to the wise how we’re truly doing as a company. If anyone calls me with any deal I my promise they’ll be the true star of my next blog. Hopefully that’s coming soon.

Happy Holidays!