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Hello to everyone that reads these. Air France has somehow been shipping my suitcase around Europe one hotel behind me all week. My well-worn jeans were fine walking the auto factory and power plant but not up to snuff for yesterday’s proper German board room pitch. Hopefully they focused more on the message than on the messengers attire. Anyway, it made me reflect on the last three weeks worth of wardrobe for the auction biz. I think have broken a record for costume changes.

I started at the oil refinery where they didn’t have any XL fire retardant suits and I squeezed into one where my legs couldn’t bend for five hours. Next was the power plant where I forgot to bring steel toe shoes once again and had to go to Home Depot. My wife wonders why I have such a collection of them. Last week was even worse; even though I am bald my small goatee was too much hair for the soup plant so I spent the entire tour asking questions through a face mask. At least next week when I put on the bunny suit at our semiconductor plant visit I know it’s coming. If your closing a plant call any of us and we will suit up for you and get the job done. If you see an extra suitcase in baggage claim check for my name.

Cheers. Rd