Hi everyone. This is the very best new year start in many years. I have just put on my boots and hit the street for a few weeks and already have more. We gotta win this one more than any January I remember. In over a half dozen sectors on all three continents there are incredibly modern extremely well maintained plants headed toward auction. Why are all these nearly new well designed plants going to auction? I think for two reasons. Great ideas seem to get over funded and in our information age, investors discover earlier the space they felt had promise is too crowded and are willing to move on quicker to the next big idea. Even more important though is that the concept of an auction being a deep discount sale exclusively for distressed assets no longer holds water. Our industry has risen in performance and image to a point where far more often we’re the first and best choice to mark to market and not the last resort liquidator or undertaker. Us insiders always knew that we perform far better with great assets That’s more true today than ever as sales attract far more end users than dealers and intermediaries It’s far less costly and timely with everyone communicating in the cloud to expose the right assets to the people who need them most. So truly information creates competition and sellers and buyers benefit. So now I have to say we gotta win this one nine times in January. If you’re one of the nine companies, we’re going pull out all the stops cause yours is the one we really gotta win. Cheers. Hope to see ya all at some world class HGP sales. Rd