Hello all.   I just left a CEO summit and felt both young and old.  They said, “you really had vision” and, “you should be so proud your ideas were right about assets trading globally over the web”.  “Everyone followed your lead”.

It’s impossible to now take pride in an idea that everyone claims was their own.  One hundred companies proclaim we did the first internet auction.  So I had my eyes checked.  Is vision what you see? Or what you see that isn’t yet visible.   I take the second here.  I see a very dramatic change on the horizon in our business.  I have said for a decade someone will figure out a better platform for our asset class.  Where is the realtor MLS, loopnet, The Kelly blue book?    Someday, we will all wake up and go to a site called “www.used.com” and search every auction. Every equipment dealer and in one place find every forklift for sale on the planet.  Think stocks. You have a broker but he has NYSE. It won’t put anyone out of business because market makers succeed in the best, most transparent markets, creating value and correctly analyzing risk and arbitrage.  I actually don’t lack the vision but do feel my age.  Some youngster should find this blog and call me.  My kids are driving those fork trucks and I am still yelling through a microphone… “twenty, now twenty five…”

But I see it coming.