Hi All.

Since I was a kid, I have loved boxing. My grandpa, our founder, had a brief career. He was 8 wins, and Zero losses. Then he stepped up in weight class and got punched into the auction business.  Taking a punch helped us still be here in our fourth generation. He used to watch fights with me and always get mad at the boring ones.  He would say, “Wrong match up.” Years later I heard the term “Styles make fights.” This sounds obvious, but it’s really true outside of boxing, both in life and in business.

It’s so true in our world. We never ever get a real fight against our competition to see who could deliver best for our client. There is no battle of the bands. There is no final judge’s scorecard. We all fight hard to earn your business   Then you pick us and we do our best.  It isn’t ever head-to-head like Floyd and Manny. You don’t let the next guy re-do the sale to see who actually performed better.  Our world is usually judgement call.
I am thrilled when we win assignments and distraught when I think we should have. But in either case, I’m very jealous of Manny and Floyd. After killer long negotiations we finally get what we all want to see. The endless puffery and meetings end. The lights go on and it’s all in the center of the ring. I’m very jealous our business isn’t on the 12 Round Must System. However it’s exactly the same.  The smartest, toughest, best prepared will always prevail. HGP is in our auction gym daily, training to fight hard for you.  Let’s get in the ring together and rock.

P.S. Predictions pre-auction count…as do pre-fight. In Round 9 Manny loses his legs and with a minute to go and his back to the ropes. Floyd puts on the money finish and Freddie tosses in the towel.

Let’s us give you our best 12 Rounds.


Ross Dove