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Hi All.

Just got back from a whirlwind sales tour in Europe. We had a good week. It was funny when I met competitors for a few beers to catch up at the end of a good trip. They said, “Ross, you’re winning because you’re such a great salesman, and taught your guys how to be ones too.”

Here is the joke. My brother Kirk is the great salesman. Professional training at Merrill Lynch. Always knowledgeable prepared and focused. I am the worst ever. I don’t listen when I should. I argue. I interrupt clients and often I am lazy and just wing it. So I thought hard about how I can improve, but also, why I win in spite of myself. The answer is actually simple. All focus must be on building a great product and a great team to deliver consistent results. I am very proud everyone has had my back and done that. I have the one part of a great salesman that can’t be replaced. Passion. I can sell with conviction that if we’re selected, every promise I make will be kept and our team will deliver. The other fifty people on our team, and the other four Doves are in my brothers mold. They are respectful. They hear you, and they make old Ross look good. That’s why I can win.

However, if you want a sales pitch that’s faster and more fun and comes with a killer lunch afterwards, then bring me.

To our new clients in Europe, I will keep the promises I made that our team will deliver. And them some. Thanks for listening to me and trusting HGP.