Hi All.

Mae West said it best, “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

I came home this week kind of pooped from lots of sales calls and travel.  I was going to complain to my wife Kelly hoping for some attention and sympathy.  But one look gave me that,  “stop whining you big baby,” stare down.  She beat cancer and she has put up with my antics for too many decades. I thought about and realized how lucky we all are when we’re healthy enough to work as hard as possible, and get to come home tired from honest effort doing something with passion.

One good night’s rest in my own bed and I feel ready to hit the airport again, wait in line, take my shoes off, lose my cell charger again and watch the same movies on the plane, and stay at good old hilton Garden Inns.

Why? Cause you only live once, and there is no privilege like being in the game and getting to prove your worth again. I am done whining and grateful clients want to see me and hear about HGP.  It’s our job to figure how to deliver results, and our job to jump when clients will see us.

Already packed for next week and even packed a vitamin power pack. Might even drink a Rock Star energy drink on my way to build our company.  Thank anyone for giving us a shot and keeping me off the couch.

You only live once and it’s far better to rest afterwards.