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Hi everyone. We just hired two great guys. Tom and Nick have a long history with the Dove Brothers. It seems like a lifetime ago when they joined Pre IPO super-hot rising star DoveBid back around the new millennium. They came on board to help us truly grow our corporate Global 1000 business. They were such stars that they actually out lasted the Dove Brothers and continued to grow successful careers long after we left to launch HGP. I missed their work ethic, good humor and great style with clients. Today I feel like a guy who just bumped into that old girlfriend who looks better than ever and she admits she always had the hots for you. That can’t happen or my wife would kick my butt, but both of them still having the desire to come home and build with us is even better and much safer. Tom and Nick let’s bunk together at HGP and wake up the industry with some huge wins. Welcome home partners. Best. Rd