Hey everyone. My brother just brought home some bacon. An old friend Pfizer decided Kirk wasn’t quite too far past his prime, and chose him and our team over all comers to represent their surplus lab assets. With great pride, a sense of both deep gratitude and responsibility, we welcome them with open arms,, heartfelt respect, and total dedication to the world class representation they deserve. We will do fantastic work, and they have great idle assets for our world of buyers. Only one negative: He landed this one without me. Will somebody please call me with a huge project before the guys upstairs start saying who needs two Dove bosses? Yikes, how many Fortune 500 people read my blogs ? I might have to step my game up to compete with my younger brother. Even my sons are saying Dad, “wow Uncle Kirk is kicking your butt.” Well, Bring it. I feel I am about to land my personal whale. Just fishing for some help. Call me.