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Hey faithful readers.   I have been running around chasing deals and blog quiet.  This one is dedicated to our colleagues and partners.  We live in an exciting business where we make real time decisions with whom to collaborate and with whom to compete – this happens daily.   At HGP we deal with our partners  the old fashioned way – they are time honored and a handshake is all we ask to commit to a deal.  Besides I am too lazy to read long winded partnership agreements.   To us,  selecting a partner is an easy process.   Always client first.   Are we stronger together?   Is the deal just in our sweet spot or in several sectors where we  can both increase value and awareness?  We talked about it today.  Clients deserve a choice, and open, transparent competition drives us all forward.  So as a seller be real, real picky and demand that each party adds value.  Make us show you how and why.   I promise we will.   As great as we’re doing, we can’t be all things to all assets and some true winners have joined the HGP global partner network helping us deliver more worldwide.  Anywhere anytime, we have the feet on the street and the funds to wire.  We want the biz.

All respect.