The joy of competition:

This week I had one of those blah attitudes. I just didn’t feel like flying to Tennessee in coach, with a stop in Dallas, then heading an hour past Nashville, just to stay in another look a like Marriott Courtyard.  Yikes.  Forty years and more frequent flyer points than anyone needs. Anyways, I upgraded and crushed the online free poker game, and then realized I was just being a baby.  Then the good part.

The company who invited HGP, also invited all our very best competitors on the same tour.  Now, I can’t sleep because I am so energized trying to figure out how to win. How to best convey my belief in HGP and deliver for our company, our stakeholders and for our (hopefully) new client.

The bottom line is that I am really glad I have great competition that forces us to rise to the challenge. Beating all of them will be far more rewarding than the fake money I won on the delta poker video.  If I do it right we can make real money and deliver real value.  You can bluff at poker but at my day job it’s all about laying the cards on the table.

That part is still fun 40 years and 4000 auctions later.