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Hi Everyone,

We’re back now full throttle at HGP. I am 62 and took a pass on social security for a far better investment. There are three, fourth generation Doves working here. Plus the best talent in the industry, I truly feel. I figure if I bust ass to get them ready the next few years they will owe the old man more than the government. Plus I am not healthy enough or smart enough to retire. Two days of Golf and I need a week of Advil and back heaters. They say you’re supposed to have intellectual hobbies, but I would rather read about industry insight to grow HGP than expand my awareness outside of the biz.  Here is the truth: My grandpa and my dad were both on the auction block at 80. If I am lucky to make 80, I might outlive the auction block (as online sales really have matured faster than me).

So HGP has our yearly company-wide Summit meeting this week. I plan on committing to just another two decades as long as Gen-Four commits, that at some point I can’t get my bag in the overhead bin, or climb the four story power plant.

Wow, another 20 year run, here we come. I can’t wait to hear the plans for 2015 and beyond.

To the HGP faithful clients, I promise we’re gonna rock this year.

Let’s do fun, profitable business together.

All Love,