Hi All.  Honestly, there is no business life quite like a pitch man for a global auction house.  This morning I had a four a.m. wake up at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska to make my luncheon meeting in Norwalk, Connecticut and my cocktail meeting in New York City at the Waldorf.   Two planes two cabs and one train. Was real happy to walk from Grand Central.  A financial report on the costs of living, is that a Dewar’s on the rocks at the Waldorf buys you a night of drinking at the Cornhusker with a Rib-eye steak.  It’s funny, I am never ever tired when there are great projects to chase and interesting deals to win.  I only get tired when I go home and Kelly says we have dinner reservations.  I live in San Francisco with the coolest places to go but by Saturday I am all Cornhuskered. Out.  Gotta run.  It’s Manhattan and I am wired from a great day of calls.  Anybody looking for an auctioneer you can find me on the move heading your way.  Best. Rd