Hi All.  We just got the go ahead on a new auction that will go into our archives as a deal for all time.  After five thousand auctions, people often ask me what deals stand out?  To be honest, it probably should be the ones we made the most money on but after decades those blur.  How did forty years race by ?  I remember my first time on the auction block with my Grandpa. Used mops.  The day we did Osborne and my Dad said,” kid, you start the sale”.  Kirk’s first time on the block at Starstruck where we sold a rocket ship.   The day we sold half a billion dollars in real estate for the FDIC.  The webcast for Enron with ten thousand bidders etc.  Now, HGP is about to make a new memory. We have been awarded the world famous Veterans Museum in Branson, Missouri.  It contains a one of a kind collection honoring our soldiers in combat. With great pride we hope to find the right buyers to honor these assets forever.  With some luck, it can match our sale of the Honolulu Symphony where the community saved the day.  As always, we will do our all to make it a success and one to remember.  All is good at HGP and wishing the best to everyone. Cheers. Rd