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Hi All.

There is no CEO or Managing Partner worth his salt who lacks the stomach to deliver his board each year an aggressive plan. Afterwards they all go home and bust their butts to make their numbers.  Secretly they all shut their eyes and pray they are right, but inside they know they need a perfect storm for it all to work.

I am the worst.I always believe and always promise the moon.

But Yikes.  I might actually make that perfect storm and deliver Heritage Global the moon landing this year.  The market for what we do from valuations, to selling equipment to selling companies, to monetizing capital & intangible assets is expanding faster than my huge ego promises. And our team keeps winning and executing.

Please keep on bidding at our sales and call us on any relevant deal.  Sunshine for optimists.  A perfect storm only comes to a perfect team navigating in sync. I think we’re on the way. Join the journey.