It’s my last summer as a very old fifty something. All my friends call for golf and poker dates and I keep telling them next time as I am on the road. They laugh at me for still having to work this hard. I agree. The good news is we have work. The better news is I suck at golf and I am disgusted with my poker Even a tiny auction beats my terrible nine iron shank or my desperate all in bluff. At least I am doing the only thing I do reasonably well. I do wonder and worry about longevity now. Can I keep the pace up? Can our sons soon take the lead? All I know is everyone thinks I have great energy because I am up working at five in the morning. If you are an old guy bored enough to read this blog then you know it’s easy with a prostate that won’t let you rest. I am either so pumped to work or so pumped to run to the bathroom I can’t decipher. Pushing sixty is a wakeup call either way. No time but now. Call me on any deal and I will be up for it early. Keep an eye on our homepage – cool deals going up. I’m wide awake, night and day. RD