Years ago on Saturday afternoons Jim McKay would host the Wide World of Sports and the show intro featured examples of both the agony and the ecstasy of sports competition. I loved it because I was very immature and cried when I lost a Judo match and sulked like a spoiled brat racked in shame under the bleachers. It happened more often than I even now care to admit. Do people really grow up? I suppose others might but I am still that same spoiled cry baby. Last week we lost a deal where I was certain we were the best choice. I went downstairs and kicked the wall and sat alone disgusted at how worthless I am to not make sure we convey correctly our value. The next day my brother wins a nice solar plant and I start to feel better. Then on Friday I find out we were awarded the two deals I was certain we had lost because I was such a loser. The agony was gone and the ecstasy had started. For a few hours Friday I was obnoxious and told anyone who would listen how great a salesman I really am. It’s now Saturday morning and I am looking at my next five deals and worrying about never growing up and wondering whether I will be a tearful baby under the bleachers or an obnoxious braggart. Nobody wants to see a crybaby so those stuck around me are rooting for the alternative. If you’re the prospect I’m meeting next week just imagine how hard I will work for you and the ecstasy I will get when you say “the job is yours Ross”. We will do a great job and you won’t have to see a grown man cry. How is that for a sales pitch? Our sales are bringing record crowds and we will do Judo back flips to deliver. Heading home to pack my pitch bag. I am an optimist so no Kleenex necessary. Best. RD