I see Kirk is two blogs up, and I am too competitive to let him triple up on me. So while my brother struggles this Saturday to lower his handicap, I am in the shop, catching up after week six on the road. When I said our thunder is coming, I had no idea how much work it would take to start again from scratch at age 57 with a bad back and a CFO who insists I fly coach. One thing I have learned this time around is how to deal with a middle seat – be aggressive and set a precedent that you are not supposed to be back there, then get assertive and control the arm rests before takeoff.

Speaking of takeoffs, check out our website. The thunder is about to be visible. We landed another half dozen great sales this past week. Going on the road to see every deal ourselves is both exhilarating and exhausting. We have 62 potential deals in our pipeline, but Kirk and I promised each other to never get so big that we can’t make sure we do each sale perfect. It’s not looking good for his golf handicap, but on the flip side the track season is opening at Del Mar. If we keep winning auctions, I should be in position to use the middle seat savings to take some partners and clients to the upstairs Turf Club without the CFO lecture. Let’s hope for a horse called Heritage or Thunder, either way it’s a lock to bet with us.

Finally, we owe everyone so much for supporting us with leads and bringing us in as partners. We really appreciate all the support we have received while getting Heritage airborne.

Best to all, R.D.