Disk Media and Manufacturing Auctions

Heritage Global Partners is a leader in the disk media and manufacturing sector. Over the years, we have conducted auctions for the sale of assets including CD-ROM, DVD, disk drive, and media facilities on an international level. From the first floppy disk drive manufacturing plants to present day state-of-the-art media facilities, HGP’s rich history has experienced it all.

Asset classes include the broad spectrum of manufacturing, featuring thin film, sputtering, coating, molding, developing, metalizing, electroforming, marking, stamping, duplication, inspection, and packing equipment. Several assets in this sector present crossover appeal into semiconductor and pharmaceutical sectors, furthering the ability to cross-market assets into our buyer community. Decades of knowledge within this industry helps us align goals for sellers on a global basis and create maximum exposure for every sale.

Our company upholds a strong legacy, continuing and promoting a high level of commitment from the early pioneers in the industry. This dedication has made Heritage Global Partners one of the top asset advisory and auction services in the world garnering recognition from top companies listed by Forbes Magazine: The Global 2000.

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