Financial Assets Auctions

Heritage Global Partners is a pioneer in the successful launch and acceptance of financial asset auctions. Our experience dates back to the savings and loan crisis, when both the RTC and FDIC used the services of our managing partners. We were the appointed auctioneers to sell over $1 billion of performing and non-performing loans in a series of structured auction transactions. In addition, we have worked with the nation’s largest money center banks on numerous sales of credit card, auto, residential and commercial real estate, consumer, and student loan portfolio auctions.

In 2014, HGP’s parent company (Heritage Global Inc) acquired National Loan Exchange (NLEX). National Loan Exchange, Inc. (“NLEX”) is the largest volume broker of charged off receivables in the United States and Canada. For over 20 years, NLEX has closed more than 5,000 sales representing over $150 billion in transactions. Offerings include national, state and regional portfolios on behalf of many of the world’s top financial institutions.

Asset conversion in loan form is a cost-effective and expedient solution to the costly and complicated alternative of collection repossession process and foreclosure proceedings. If your institution is analyzing derived investment value of loan conversion auctions versus the legal possession for asset sales or outside collection agency retention, we welcome the opportunity to present our background and service offering.

With over 70 years of senior management experience working with top financial institutions, NLEX offers full asset services including presale activities, marketing campaigns, and closing and post-sale coordination.

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