Intangible Rights, Patents and Technologies

Over the years, Heritage Global Partners has continued to expand its network of specialists to cover nearly every facet of the asset advisory and auction services industry. Our experience and expertise includes a team of legal advisors of rights, patents, and technology as well as intangible asset remarketing. Due to our presence in this sector, we understand the nuances and complexities involved within this unique space. We leverage our specialty knowledge with the success of past campaigns from our company’s founders to produce favorable outcomes for our clients.

We have held and conducted numerous successful private and public sales for clients in the biotechnology, software, technology development, and pharmaceutical industries. Heritage Global Partners continues to be innovative within the marketplace. Our company upholds a long-standing legacy of leadership and strategic execution in the asset management and auction space.

Some recent IP Sales Include:

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We also have extensive experience and expertise selling patents with operating businesses through our sister division, Heritage Equity Partners.