Semiconductor Fabrication and Equipment

For the past 30 years, our managing partners have specialized in the sale of semiconductor equipment on a global scale. We have developed deep relationships with the world’s largest producers of wafer fabrication and assembly products.

In the beginning, we remarketed Bi-Polar and C-Moss plants, producing 3-inch wafers. We developed global contacts with both startups and large scale plants, seeking additional capacity production through the acquisition of used tools and semiconductor fabrication.

As we have advanced in this field, so did the size of wafer production. The size expanded from its original 3 inches to today’s 12-inch wafers. Additionally, we have remarketed gallium arsenide and crystal growing facilities as well.

With a rich understanding of the complete manufacturing process, we are unrivaled in the industry. We withhold a special knowledge in semiconductor equipment to resale in many asset classes including:

  • Deposition and sputtering
  • Ion implantation
  • Dry, plasma, and wet etching
  • Diffusion and oxidation
  • Photolithography
  • Metrology
  • Bonding
  • Soldering
  • Welding
  • Scanning
  • Optical test
  • Polishing
  • Dicing
  • Wafer probe and test
  • Lab and analytical


Heritage Global Partners has been built on a strong foundation within the asset advisory and auction services industry. Principal managing partners, Ross and Kirk Dove, are part of a third-generation legacy and have continued its leadership in technology, strategy, and execution in the marketplace.