Levitate–Ross Dove

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Hi Everyone,

I am sitting in a cafe in Czechoslovakia watching a guy on the street levitate. He is surrounded by true believers placing coins and applauding. Curious young kids seem least trusting waving underneath to uncover suspicion it’s an illusion. It’s my third week now here in Europe looking at deals meeting industry people and figuring the very best way to really have HGP rise throughout Europe.  This guy has really helped my thinking.

The very best way to really rise is to deliver a real performance worth seeing    That can only happen by truly demonstrating we’re ready to get both feet off the ground and proving just that.  Originally we started here by jumping in and doing deals. It was the right entrance but it has been an up and down journey and now time to rise .

We have formed a great new alliance with Troostwijk that will be ground breaking in the energy asset transition in Europe. We now have a strategy for which firms need the reality of truly global buyers and cross border sales, versus the illusion all auctions are the same. After starting one step at a time I really feel the progress and the air at our back and underneath our feet. Hopefully our new engagements here will gather big audiences and really elevate us.

If you have a unique project anywhere in Europe and want us to demonstrate we can rise above, please, give us a call.

Cheers.  RD


Movement–Ross Dove

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Albert Einstein had many great quotes, but I love one of his simplest ones:  “Nothing happens until there is movement”

This past week I took that to heart and decided enough of these dial in conference calls.  The great part about old fashioned, live meetings is that it forces everyone to focus and elevates the importance. Even better, it keeps the those not committed to travel and focus from the old dial in on mute and look busy camouflage.

Five cities,  nine flights. There were three, from HGP doing fast changes from hard hats and steel toed boots, to boardrooms &  sports coats.  It’s so much easier and more effective to leave behind high-tech PowerPoint & Webex pitches and tour each factory with a vested client, asset by asset & shop floor by shop floor.  We booked a few far faster and with much greater feelings & we found some true partners to work with and for.

Just a heads up for you road travelers from my private yelp since I am too old fashioned to actually use it.  Delta has wifi almost always.  Plus usually a decent TV on the seat back. Hilton Garden Inn’s actually has decent gym and a real garden.  I see zero proof Avis tries harder. However, the trip helped prove HGP does.

If you also tired of password codes and eight person call-ins we’re ready to hop a plane, shake hands, tour your factory and even bring in good deli sandwiches.  Call Us anytime.


Ross Dove

Reply To All–Ross Dove

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Hi Everyone.

I thought it might be healthy for me to confess to a blunder I just made.  They say confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation.   At the risk of my reputation here goes my blunder.

After three decades chasing deals I still live for the win and want to make sure I am doing everything possible to support our team. The flip side of that is I haven’t ever been able to develop a philosophical mindset where I patiently trust the right decision will come like I know I should.  So I accidentally hit reply to all and sent an internal email at the nonstop speed of the internet direct to our potential client.  It wasn’t real bad or inappropriate, but still. I was telling our team why we were the obvious choice.  However that isn’t necessarily fair to any client with ample choices  . Yikes,  clients deserve the right and the time to reflect and make their decision without being pushed to hurry because I can’t wait.  So with respect,  I have resolved to deliver our value proposition and not ask our team to check in or inundate them with more info and progress updates.

If you let HGP give you our best shot we will sit back and give you ample time to check references and comparison shop hassle and pressure free. And I will keep my fat fingers far away from reply to all button. But Lesson learned.  We’re ready. Not on our timeline but always customer first to meet yours.



A Good Salesman–Ross Dove

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Hi All.

Just got back from a whirlwind sales tour in Europe. We had a good week. It was funny when I met competitors for a few beers to catch up at the end of a good trip. They said, “Ross, you’re winning because you’re such a great salesman, and taught your guys how to be ones too.”

Here is the joke. My brother Kirk is the great salesman. Professional training at Merrill Lynch. Always knowledgeable prepared and focused. I am the worst ever. I don’t listen when I should. I argue. I interrupt clients and often I am lazy and just wing it. So I thought hard about how I can improve, but also, why I win in spite of myself. The answer is actually simple. All focus must be on building a great product and a great team to deliver consistent results. I am very proud everyone has had my back and done that. I have the one part of a great salesman that can’t be replaced. Passion. I can sell with conviction that if we’re selected, every promise I make will be kept and our team will deliver. The other fifty people on our team, and the other four Doves are in my brothers mold. They are respectful. They hear you, and they make old Ross look good. That’s why I can win.

However, if you want a sales pitch that’s faster and more fun and comes with a killer lunch afterwards, then bring me.

To our new clients in Europe, I will keep the promises I made that our team will deliver. And them some. Thanks for listening to me and trusting HGP.

It’s What We Make It–Ross Dove

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Mae West said it best, “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

I came home this week kind of pooped from lots of sales calls and travel.  I was going to complain to my wife Kelly hoping for some attention and sympathy.  But one look gave me that,  “stop whining you big baby,” stare down.  She beat cancer and she has put up with my antics for too many decades. I thought about and realized how lucky we all are when we’re healthy enough to work as hard as possible, and get to come home tired from honest effort doing something with passion.

One good night’s rest in my own bed and I feel ready to hit the airport again, wait in line, take my shoes off, lose my cell charger again and watch the same movies on the plane, and stay at good old hilton Garden Inns.

Why? Cause you only live once, and there is no privilege like being in the game and getting to prove your worth again. I am done whining and grateful clients want to see me and hear about HGP.  It’s our job to figure how to deliver results, and our job to jump when clients will see us.

Already packed for next week and even packed a vitamin power pack. Might even drink a Rock Star energy drink on my way to build our company.  Thank anyone for giving us a shot and keeping me off the couch.

You only live once and it’s far better to rest afterwards.



What Really Matters- Ross Dove

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Hi All.

I was on a sales call today.  It wasn’t  that different than the last five thousand I’ve been on over 30+ years. The client said he is talking to several firms and knows he needs an auctioneer. He said, “you guys all sound pretty much the same so I guess I just go with either the biggest guarantee or the lowest fee.”

I was quiet for a minute trying to find a self serving answer why it should be HGP. However, in my heart I agreed with him that my competitors are mostly really good guys and going with the safety of a big guarantee or a low fee is logical.  After a minute I said we won’t be the lowest fee or the highest guarantee and the others guys will do a great job.

He said, “Is that your best?”

I said,  “No. My best is I will care about the outcome and do my honorable best to make you proud you chose us.”

Yikes! He did. And now we owe him all our heart and soul to deliver. Nobody is that much better than the competition but once you get selected there is no greater honor than performing and being grateful to get the chance to shine. Can we do it better ?  Can we get him more money ?   Man we are gonna try with all we got. That much we owe him.

I give u my word if you pick us you get our absolute very best.

Best to all,



Auctioneer Bid War

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Hi Everyone.

I just got back from another auctioneers bidding war.  I won’t tell you the contract we went after to protect both the innocent and the guilty . We had a world class team. We worked with relentless effort with our partners to be agressive as possible in our pursuit. We were certain we had done everything needed to win and we were the best assembled team.

The night before the auction to pick the auctioneer we had at toast where in my optimistic arrogance I basically declared victory.

And then we lost.

Somehow, someway I was sad for ten full seconds. And then I smiled, looked at my partners, and heard my grandpa (our founder, and the biggest risk taker of all) look down from the sky and smile.  “Kid,   you will have to learn not only how to win and how to lose, but something more.  There are sometimes when losing IS winning. Someday you will understand that.”

Hey Pops, I get it.



Viagra Years

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Viagra Years

I watch ‘those’ commercials about four hours and say, “Why not me?”   The last five weeks traveling from coast to coast really let me know I am no kid at 60 plus.  I’ve turned into the cranky “old guy” my father was.   I can’t stand the lines at the airport or the hotel lobby.  I get impatient when clients have me wait in the conference room.  But next week I am off again on the road.  This time it’s not on sales calls, but calling bids.  That works far better than Viagra to get you feeling up, and young again.  At least for eight hours.  Good news is that my brother and I both have sons in the business coming of age and they better kick butt, so old Paps can take a NetJet and a nap.  Till then, I’m on the road going hard.

Call me on any deal and I won’t be cranky.



Perfect Storm-Ross Dove

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Hi All.

There is no CEO or Managing Partner worth his salt who lacks the stomach to deliver his board each year an aggressive plan. Afterwards they all go home and bust their butts to make their numbers.  Secretly they all shut their eyes and pray they are right, but inside they know they need a perfect storm for it all to work. 

I am the worst.I always believe and always promise the moon. 

But Yikes.  I might actually make that perfect storm and deliver Heritage Global the moon landing this year.  The market for what we do from valuations, to selling equipment to selling companies, to monetizing capital & intangible assets is expanding faster than my huge ego promises. And our team keeps winning and executing. 

Please keep on bidding at our sales and call us on any relevant deal.  Sunshine for optimists.  A perfect storm only comes to a perfect team navigating in sync. I think we’re on the way. Join the journey.


Vision-Ross Dove

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Hello all.   I just left a CEO summit and felt both young and old.  They said, “you really had vision” and, “you should be so proud your ideas were right about assets trading globally over the web”.  “Everyone followed your lead”.

It’s impossible to now take pride in an idea that everyone claims was their own.  One hundred companies proclaim we did the first internet auction.  So I had my eyes checked.  Is vision what you see? Or what you see that isn’t yet visible.   I take the second here.  I see a very dramatic change on the horizon in our business.  I have said for a decade someone will figure out a better platform for our asset class.  Where is the realtor MLS, loopnet, The Kelly blue book?    Someday, we will all wake up and go to a site called “” and search every auction. Every equipment dealer and in one place find every forklift for sale on the planet.  Think stocks. You have a broker but he has NYSE. It won’t put anyone out of business because market makers succeed in the best, most transparent markets, creating value and correctly analyzing risk and arbitrage.  I actually don’t lack the vision but do feel my age.  Some youngster should find this blog and call me.  My kids are driving those fork trucks and I am still yelling through a microphone… “twenty, now twenty five…”

But I see it coming.